Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hello, welcome to my humble blog. Here is where I am going to post all the resources (portraits mainly) that I have ever created for RPG Maker VX!

The following resources have all been posted on the RPGMakerVX forum. Find the thread here.  
I'll also release 'blog exclusive' portraits though, so check back here often. 

First up, my gorgeous farm boy. I only realized when I gave him the blue eyes that he resembles a male version of Korra, don't you think? Maybe its just me.
And of course a topless version :$

Alternate credit could go to Jalen for the base
Here we have the sad story of Maria and Stephan. Maria and Stephan were exploring in the forest when they were children. They came across a foolish fairy, who decided to give them each a gift. Maria was given beauty that would be enhanced each day, and Stephan was given extraordinary riches. Both gifts backfired though, because Maria quickly learned that she was judged by her face and not her character, and Stephan grew spoiled and snobbish, because he never had to work for his wealth.

If you use the child Stephan, alternate credit could go to Jalen, because she made the hair. Also credit her if you use the teen Maria. If you use the adult Maria, alternate credit could go to Lunarea and Pentagonbuddy. K thanks.


These beauties are based off the RM2K sprites. I only made these five then got bored :3 Here are the sprites.

Little Miss Elfy is a Blog exclusive!


These two are just randoms :L The one with blue hair was my attempt to refine the gypsy girl. The one below was done as a request. She's quite a babe, amirite?

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  1. Very good work but how did you make them. Did you use a programm or something else..?